Sustainable energy is in reach.

It wasn’t long ago solar energy was seen as just an environmental statement, pursued only by those interested in the well being of the planet.  Today solar energy is now recognized as a secure investment in a volatile energy market. Yes – going solar helps the planet, and helps the bottom line. 

My Generation designs custom solar energy systems to meet your heating and electric energy needs.  We can also deliver feasibility analysis for solar energy projects using RETScreen software.  This analysis tool was developed by a consortium of energy and finance agencies including NRCAN, the World Bank, and United Nations Energy fund.  It is the gold standard for renewable energy pre-feasibility analysis. 

Centrally located in Halifax we serve all of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador. Working with our green building partners and clients we have facilitated the installation of over 1.8 MW of solar energy capacity in Atlantic Canada. 

If you want to green your building, reduce energy costs, and achieve sustainability targets give us a call to explore a My Generation custom solar energy solution!

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