Space heating is 60% of building energy 


Solar Heat is Free


Solar energy is a worry free solution to generate savings and reduce carbon emissions.

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Generate Anywhere

More solar energy hits the planet in one hour than the entire world uses in a year.  Harness that energy and save.     


An 80 panel hybrid solarduct PV-T system installed on the roof of Dalhousie Universitie's Computer Science building

Custom Solutions

We design and engineer our solar energy systems so that you can enjoy high energy performance and affordability.  

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Energy Cost Savings

Generating energy on site delivers significant energy cost savings and predictable budget forecasting.   

Pie charts showing the breakdown of energy end use in Commercial, retail, healthcare and school buildings

Follow the money

Energy use varies among buildings, but each facility shares a common energy footprint.

There is a consistent pattern;  Space heating is the largest energy demand for building owners in cold climates like ours.  Using free solar heat instead of expensive heating fuel benefits financial and sustainability goals.  By reducing energy budgets, companies and public agencies also improve productivity and profitability.

Building Integrated

 Building integrated solar air heating systems will continue to generate savings long after the 40 year warranty.  Custom engineered, with easy integration and low maintenance, SolarWall systems offer energy saving solutions for every building type.   

How it Works

SolarWall systems use solar energy to pre-heat ventilation air for your building. How does it work? A transpired plate collector system sits framed 6 to 8 inches from the existing building wall.

Fans bring fresh air into the building through a perforated metal wall system instead of a typical louver,. The sun heats a thin boundary layer of air on the surface of the metal. The airflow collects that heat as it passes through the perforations. Heat gains can be from 20-50°c depending on the design, reducing heating fuel use by up to 50%.

Conventional ducting and distribution systems move the hot air through the the building. 

No matter what your budget is –  free heat is always welcome!

“The SolarWall has been rated in the ‘top two percent of energy related inventions’ “

~ United States Department of Energy

“Improving air quality and comfort without increasing space heating costs was a real challenge, especially in our climate, but the SOLARWALL system did just that. “

 ~ Alois First, Plant Engineer, BOEING

“This collector exhibits the highest known efficiency for an active solar heating system.”

~ Dr. Chuck Kutscher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) 

Custom Solutions

Moncton, NB - LEED Silver

Moncton, NB - LEED Silver


Office and retail, small business and high rise – My Generation custom engineered systems are easily integrated in any new or retrofit applications to meet the unique needs of each building.   

Halifax Canada Games Building

Halifax Canada Games Building

Public Sector

Facility managers are tasked with the challenge of growing energy demands and shrinking budgets. Our solar energy systems offer free energy to make your operation more sustainable.   

Bluenose Academy, Lunenburg, NS

Bluenose Academy, Lunenburg, NS


Bright minds need fresh air. Ventilation heating tops the list of heating costs in schools.  Adding free solar heat to our schools frees up more money for books and resources.  

Sportsplex - Dartmouth, NS

Sportsplex - Dartmouth, NS


The complex energy loads and HVAC dynamics of swimming pools and fitness centers puts operations managers through their paces.  We’ve worked with building teams to minimize energy costs and maximize resources for community programs. 

Poultry barn heating - Port Williams, NS

Poultry barn heating - Port Williams, NS


SolarWall  air heating systems are being used on hundreds of farms, preheating ventilation air for livestock buildings. Poultry farms using solar heated air have seen reduced energy costs and increased product quality and productivity.  

Transit Garage - Saint John, NB

Transit Garage - Saint John, NB


The need to maintain good indoor air quality in industrial facilities makes for high makeup air costs.  Pre-heating with solar reduces the need for natural gas or other fuels.  Our systems are designed to be part of your industrial heating solution. 


Start your solar story

Find out how solar heat can cut heating costs in your commercial or industrial building. Give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll work with you to design your custom energy solution.

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